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Vital statistics
Title Two-Face
Real Name Harvey Dent
Alias(es) Two-Face, Big Bad Harv, Harvey Two-Face
Powers and Abilites Skilled Marksman, Well-Versed in the Law
Equipment Coin, Guns, Double Revolvers
Alignment Bad (Formerly Good)
Relationships Gilda Dent (Ex-Wife)
Portrayed by ForrestFire101
Harvey Dent, AKA Two Face, was Gotham's District Attourney until a tragic accident left the left side of his face scarred and disfigured. Dent had already been hiding a case of Multiple Personality Disorder, but this accident drove him to the point of full insanity. He has appeared in several Forrestfire films, but only once as a major character.


"Well, there's always Plan B. DIE!"

"Good thinking, Scarecrow!"

Okay croc we get it

If you stay calm no one will get hurt except for the batman he will die

Oh my god were trapped

I say we got up to his little bat cave and shove a grenade right up his a- ( is interupted by joker )


Lego Batman - The Spiderman Team Up! (Killed)

Lego Batman - Alfred's Party

Lego Batman - Going Undercover (Major Appearence/Killed)

Lego Batman - Human Shield!!!

Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday (Killed)

Lego Batman - The Villains (Killed)

The Lego Batman & Superman Movie (Captured/Killed)

The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 2 (Killed)

Lego Batman - Riddler Returns (metioned only)

Lego Batman - Nightwing's Return (Killed)

Lego Batman - Dark Knight Coffee (metioned only)

Upcoming Lego Batman film, will appear as Two Face from the Dark Knight

List of DeathsEdit

Lego Batman - The Spider-Man Team Up!- Ran over by Batman

Lego Batman - Going Undercover - Shot by Batman

Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday - Shot by Robin with a Bazooka

Lego Batman - The Villains - Run down by Batman with the car used to kill Robin

Lego Batman & Superman Movie - Blown up by Batman with a grenade

Lego Batman & Spiderman Movie 2 - Blown up by Spider-Man with a bomb

Lego Batman - Nightwing's Return - Shot by Riddler whilst in e feud with Nightwing