The Fabulous Misadventures of Lego Flash
Air date September 27, 2013
Created by Forrest Whaley
The ForrestFire Christmas Spectacular - 3rd Annual
The Fabulous Misadventures of Lego Flash is a Forrestfire101 video released on September 27, 2013.


it all starts where there is a noise and someone screams alot and it reveals to be flash kissing his girlfriend and turns on the lights and says god darn it its just f#%k i'm sorry and then he yells at her which scares her and she says calm down you're scaring me and flash says f%#k you i don't deserve you and runs off and she cry's

Flash is then on the top of a bridge and talks to himself and says i'm sorry mom and falls but before he could dye superman catches him and asks who threw him ( with out realizing he wanted to kill him self ) and flash says its not his beeswax and superman says a speech and makes him cry

At the fortress of solitude he explains his problem to superman and he says wow way to leave you're problems on my doorstep you f%#kin p%#sy and flash then crys again



  • Toby Dale (DirectorToby) - Flash
  • Forrest Whaley (forrestfire101) - Superman
  • Abigail Reed - Flash's Girlfriend
  • Mason Howerton - Yelling Guy


  • Forrest Whaley - Director, Animator
  • Christo - Flash Provider
  • NxSG - Music Composer

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