Mr. Freeze
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Freeze
Real Name Dr. Victor Fries, PHD
Alias(es) Iceman, Freeze
Powers and Abilites Cybernetic Implants
Equipment Freeze Suit, Freeze Gun
Alignment Bad
Relationships Nora Fries (Wife, Possibly Deceassed)
Portrayed by ForrestFire101
filmyguy1 (Currently)
Mr. Freeze is a prominent DC Comics supervillain, usually appearing as a enemy of the Batman.

Personality Edit

Mr. Freeze is a very obnoxious man. He is known for making unfunny puns relating to the subject matters of ice and cold. His personality is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's critically panned portrayal in the 1997 film "Batman and Robin". Due to this, Freeze seems to gather very little respect among either Batman or his very own teammates. 


Mr. Freeze's minifigure features a all-blue, unprinted suit with black gloves and chestplate, along with a transparent fish-bowl style helmet. His face is all white with black goggles, a stern expression and some facial printing giving his face more shape.


Lego Batman - The Spider-Man Team Up! (Major Appearence/Captured)

Lego Batman - Alfred's Party

Lego Batman - Kill Robin (Killed)

Lego Batman - The Robin (Captured)

Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday (Killed)

Lego Batman - The Villians

The Lego Batman & Superman Movie (Captured/Killed)

The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 2 (Killed)

Lego Batman - New Sidekicks (Major Appearence/Killed)

Deaths InEdit

Lego Batman - Kill Robin - Decapitated with a sword by Batman

Lego Batman - Robin's Birthday - Shot by Batman

The Lego Batman & Superman Movie - Tackled by Batman

The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 2 - Shot by Scarecrow

Lego Batman - New Sidekicks - Executed by Batman

Portrayers Edit

  • ForrestFire101
  • DarthMilo77
  • filmyguy1 (Currently)