Things to come after Lego Batman - The Jokers

Forrest uploaded a photo to Facebook titled "Things to come after Lego Batman - The Jokers" with Two Face from the Dark Knight, Ra's Al Ghul, Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow from Batman Begins and the Dark Knight.

Forrest uploaded another photo to Facebook from his untitled Batman video, which shows Batman, Alfred, and Wonder Woman in the Batcave.

Forrest's untitled Batman video has a 25 page long script, his longest (and according to Forrest, funniest) script so far.

Forrest uploaded another photo to Facebook that shows Iron Man sitting in the Batcave, and later said (after many people complaining that Iron Man was a Mega-Block) that Batman doesn't hire him because he's a Mega Block ("Legos are racist"), confirming that his video will have another "interview scene."

The fact that Forrest's new video has an interview scene explains why he would have Jack Sparrow in his video.

It is likely that Wonder Woman is a main character in the next video (as opposed to just being interviewed) because Forrest said in a vlog that he's afraid some people might find the video sexist, meaning there is a female character in it

It is possible that Batgirl, Bathound and the Christian Bale Batman could appear in future videos.

Forrest has said he was thinking of having Catwoman in future videos. Forrest said on Facebook that he will make another trailer in lego of "The Dark Knight Rises".

In the "Movies in the Making" Box on Forrest's ChannelEdit

-Lego Teen Titans

-Lego Justice League 2


The HUGE project could be another Batman team up video, or a Justice League movie considering that Wonder Woman's soon to be introduced, plus other DC Heroes exist in this world (Batman, Superman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin). Forrest also added a new "Lego Harry Potter Series" playlist on his channel, this could lead to more Lego Harry Potter.

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