Lego Superman - Lex Luthor's Weakness the first video involving Superman
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Clark Kent is in the Daily Planet, when Jimmy warned him that Lex Luthor was planning something evil. Superman gives him a thank you and leaves for an elevator where he changes into his Superman costume. He flies out an open window and into Lex Corp. Lex Luthor says he's too late, and once he puts a disc in his hard drive the entire Earth's power will be under his control. Then Superman, nonhesitently, points out that his head looks like a dick. Lex looks at him in surprise and says "What?". Superman repeats himself (but with a different phrase). Lex Luthor says that wasn't nice, and Superman says "Well you know what's not nice. Having to look at your dick head all day. It's an absolute eye sore". Lex Runs away crying, and Superman says (smug and arrogantly) "Metropolis is saved once again, thanks to Superman! Ha, ha, ha!"

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