Lego Star Wars - Order 66 was released on October 25, 2008.

Plot Edit

     Darth Vader has just taken down all of the wookies, and while doing a celebritory dance a clone shoots vader in the back of the head. The Clone standing next to him asks him why he killed Vader, The other clone (known as Clone 2) said he was supposed to kill all Jedi (and Vader was ex-jedi Anakin Skywalker). but the other Clone (known as Clone 1) insists, that Vader is a sith. Then Clone 1 tells Clone 2 that his busted when the Emporer finds out. When Clone 2 flees Clone 1 calls him a dumbass.

Cast Edit

Actor Character
BrickUnit Clone 1
DarthMilo77 Clone 2
ForrestFire101 Darth Vader


Lego Star Wars - Order 66

Lego Star Wars - Order 66