Lego Star Wars - Killing Darth Vader was released on November 17, 2008

Plot Edit

Inside the death star Clone 1 tells clone 2 how much he hates lord Vader and tells he killed George last week ( who clone 2 liked ) than Vader comes out of nowhere and smacks clone 2 and asks why he did that and Darth then says Cause i can ya douche bag you suck and i rule nanny-nanny boo-boo then walks away laughing which makes clone 2 mad and clone 1 tells him what they must do ( clone 2 ( who was called Phil ) first though it was to ask him to apologize ) kill him but it must look like an accident and clone 2 says hes got just the thing

2 minutes later he shoots Vader in the back and clone 1 asks how there gonna make it look like an accident but clone 2 forgot and clone 1 calls him a dumb ass

Cas Edit

Actor Charecter
BrickUnit Clone 1
DarthMilo77 Clone 2
ForrestFire101 Darth Vader

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Lego Star Wars - Killing Darth Vader on YouTube