Lego Star Wars - Blackmailing Vader was released  August 20, 2009


In the Death star Two clones are sitting and clone 1 tells clone 2 that they work all day every day and not get payed and clone 2 tells clone 1 they were designed to be soldiers but clone 1 tells him hes not buying it and says they should have the rights as everyone else and clone 2 says good luck trying to convince that to lord Vader but clone 1 tells him he has a bit of dirt on Vader but clone 2 says his is so clean they can see their reflection in it and clone 1 says not actual dirt dumb ass dirt as in something Vader Dosen't want anyone to see when clone 2 asks clone 1 what it is clone 1 shows him a picture of Vader dressed as a women and clone 2 asks him why he was watching Vader changing his clothes and he replies um that dosent matter what matters is blackmailing Vader so you in? and when he says yes he says now that's the spirit

2 minutes later While Vader is standing clone 2 grabs a gun and shoots him and then clone 1 comes out of nowhere and asks why he killed him Clone 2 then says he blackmailed him and clone 1 says blackmailing is when somebody throws bad information about someone and clone 2 thought its when you shoot someone in the head and clone 1 says dumb ass

After the credits it shows Vaders dead body

Cast Edit

Actor Character
ForrestFire101 Darth Vader & Clone 1
DarthMilo77 Clone 2

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