Lego Justice League
Air date April 26, 2013
Created by Forrest Whaley
The ForrestFire Christmas Spectacular - 2nd Annual
Lego Iron Man - IRONMANIA!!!
Lego Justice League is a video released on April 26, 2013.


When it begins, Batman is singing to himself while typing on a small computer. Robin walks down the stairs and scares him and Batman says "Jesus Robin! Oh my god! Don't you knock?" Robin says there's no door and then a conversation comes on when batman tells him about his business trip (with the Justice League) . Robin repeatedly asks to come with Batman but Batman doesn't let him. Then they begin talking about the Teen Titans and Starfire but while Batman is talking, he is teleported to the JLA Watchtower.He and Superman have a "Super-Secret-handshake" and the team begin talking about the Joker's latest plot. He is driving in a truck full of 500,000 pounds of rawKryptonite and will deliver it to Lex Luthor at the docks. Joker has also strapped the corpses of Batman's parents to the truck so Batman will not be able to get nearby without experiencing " Wave after wave of debilitating flashbacks" and since the truck is yellow, it will weaken Green Lantern. The group make several plans, involving some rude comments and terrible ideas from Aquaman, and Superman eventually ends up throwing Aquaman down to Earth and into Luthor's boat. The boat, and Luthor, sinks into the water. The group then fly down to confront the Joker, who begins throwing Kryptonite at everyone. Batman sees Joker holding his parent's bodies and yells at Flash to get rid of them. After that, the JLA begin brutally beating Joker to the point where he cannot even move. Luthor then swims back to shore, Aquaman summons some sharks to kill Luthor, and Lex tries to drown Aquaman. After this, it cuts to a scene in the Batcave where Batman tells Robin that although he is annoying, he could be worse. Robin then tells Batman of how he denied a handjob from Starfire, and he asks Robin when here birthday is.

After the credits, Superman is lying on the floor and Flash says "We should probably get Superman away from this Kryptonite." Superman then explodes, leaving the JLA disgusted.




  • Forrest Whaley - Writer, Animator, Director
  • Mason Howerton - Writer
  • Sean Willets - Writer, Animator
  • Minifigs4U - Martian Manhunter Provider
  • Christo - Green Lantern and Flash Provider
  • BrickForge - Wonder Woman Vambraces Provider
  • NxSG - Music Composer