Lego Justice League
Air date April 26, 2013
Created by Forrest Whaley
The ForrestFire Christmas Spectacular - 2nd Annual
Lego Iron Man - IRONMANIA!!!
Lego Justice League is a video released on April 26, 2013.


It all begins when batman types on a small computer where hes whispering stuff when robin comes from behind and scares him and he says oh my god don't you knock and he says there's no door and then a conversation comes on when batman tells him about his business trip and when he ask to come but batman says to not ask questions he already knows the answer to and then they have another conversation about the teen titans and about their enemy slade and robin tells him star fire keeps hitting on him ad batman says robin if star fire wasn't gel bait i would totally then gets Tel-ported to the watchtower and says b%#g her so hard then everyone stares at him and then he says awkwardly hello everyone and after the super-secret-hand shake time ( which was a time and a half ) batman tells them they have situation business superman yells to the situation platform batman says that was right in my ear. After every one sits batman informs everyone that the joker ( who is seen in a picture shooting a cat ) that hes planning to give lex luthor 500,000 pounds of raw kryptonite in a yellow truck a hes talking wonder woman says um what are does thing on the truck? batman then answers that joker strapped his dead parents and will get debilitating flashbacks and then green lantern then says joker was clever to chose a yellow truck cause its his weakness and flash says wait how do you pee dude? and he answers oh i have to stay hydrated all the time and superman than asks wonder woman for an idea and as shes talking aquaman says and i could have thousands of flying fish attack him at the docks then they say he cant reach the docks aquaman then suggest an attack from the sewers then superman tries to make a joke then they asking if he can controls alligators and if he can push the truck with water he then says he cant do that and he says and that's something you could of mentioned in your application then when Martian man hunter suggests something to get rid of the kryptonite aquaman says he could put it miles deep in the sea but they says superman must be safe and then superman being safe is one of my favorite things to do well that and beating the s%#t out of hookers then martian man hunter has another idea but superman says or we could just toss it into space work good in superman returns you know the one where i return and green lantern says i didn't see that one and wonder woman says that there running in circles and then then flash runs in circles and says sorry i had an energy bar for breakfeast and its not siting well and wonder woman asks how long joker reaches to docks and batman says hes 30 second away and aquman says he could stop him with his fish by now and superman then says he has an idea for him and aquaman asks if it involves fish and then superman grabs aquaman then throws him out of the watch tower and he falls to earth and crashes into lex's boat and lex says wow wow d%#n you justice league you killed me and then joker comes out of the truck and says what the heck and then the league come in and batman ( who is protected by green lantern ) you should be asking where the heck joker cause id be more than happy to give you directions and then joker gets some kryptonite and throw it at them and green lantern says that kryptonite rationally affects superman and joker then throw a piece of kyrptonite at him which turns off the force feild protecting batman and he falls into the ocean and green lantern says what the f%#$ing h%#l and wonder woman says jusitce legaue assemble and then aquaman ( who is revealed to be alive ) helps batman out of the water and then batman sees his dead parents and gets debilitating flashbacks and gets hit with kryptonite and says flash gets my dead parents out of here and then after that flash says right now lets f%#k him up then joker then says no no no no no then superman and wonder woman kick him and toss him around flash breaks his arm and a bone shows and kicks him batman punches him wonder woman lassos him green lantern creates a blade and slices and punches him aquaman imply punches him martian man hunter kicks him and flash kicks him and after all that wonder woman whacks him o the head killing him and then lex luthor ( who is also revealed to be alive ) comes up and laughs at them and aquaman says prepare to be aqua-fied villian and after saying wait for it three sharks come on the shore ( two white and one gray ) and lex punches the white one and aquaman saves him and batman says well another fight well done jokers bleeding out of his butt and lex luthors and then is interrupted by aquaman who is being drowned by luthor and batman yells how batman then teleports back to the bat cave where he goes through the door which robin built and robin greets him and asks him how his trip was and he says wet and batman says you know robin you get on my nerves and i think you're completely worthless but i admit it you could be worse and robin thanks him and tells him what star fire did and batman says well what do you know say whens her birthday again

after the credits green lantern asks where batman went and flash says uh guys we should probably get superman away from this kryptonite and then he explodes with blood everywhere and wonder woman says gross




  • Forrest Whaley - Writer, Animator, Director
  • Mason Howerton - Writer
  • Sean Willets - Writer, Animator
  • Minifigs4U - Martian Manhunter Provider
  • Christo - Green Lantern and Flash Provider
  • BrickForge - Wonder Woman Vambraces Provider
  • NxSG - Music Composer

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