Lego Indiana Jones - What Ever Happened to Willie Scott was released on November 15, 2009 Which explains what happened to Willie Scott after Temple of Doom

Plot Edit

     In Indy's house he is seen sitting watching TV and their a voice says Indy so many times and Indy says what what is it Willie? I'm trying to watch the game and she says there a big spider and needs him to kill but he Doesn't want to and she says shes scared of spiders and Indy replies your'e scared of everything and when he says no again she says you suck i hate you and storms off and then tells him there's another spider that's bigger than the first one and after saying Indy so many times he yells that's it and shes asks what hes doing then he shoots her multiple times then short round asks what hes done and Indy says shut up Short Round listen need you to get me a trash and and a mop


This is the first Lego Indiana Jones short where Indy is seen without his hat the second is the DNA Results

it is revaled Indy dosen't want to fight anymore

Cast Edit

Actor Character
ForrestFire101 Indiana Jones, & Willie
Keshen8 Short Round

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Lego Indiana Jones - What Ever Happened To Willie Scott on YouTube