Lego Indiana Jones - An Average Day was relesed on February 18, 2008

Plot Edit

     In a temple Indy steals an idol head he thinks that was easy until he hears tumbling and runs and says ah oh god and gets hit by a boulder and says that's the second largest ball iv'e ever seen and then short round comes in and says hes is being chased by booby traps then Indy says shut up Short Round i gotta figure a way out of here and knocks out short round and slides under a closing door then his falls off and when he grabs it his arm gets cut off and then runs threw shooting spears and after that hes outside but is spotted by storm troopers and yells something and is being chased and finally reaches a boat when the storm trooper in the front says darn it lord Vader is not gonna be happy

After all that he realizes that the idol is $1.50 and gets and and the man in the pawn shop says to calm down and Indy says fine god