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Look, a midget!

Lego Harry Potter - Mischief Un-Managed is a LEGO Harry Potter short uploaded on September 16, 2011.


It all begins when harry just standing and Ron comes in and says he learned a new spell and asks what he should try it on first and then he suggests professor flit wick ( who harry says in a goblin but Ron says hes a midget ) Then when he does he explodes with blood everywhere and then they try to clean it up first they try to call Dumbledore but harry says he got all aggressive after the original actor died then when Ron is about to get the mop harry says no time Ron some a%#hole is gonna come strolling down these f%#king quarters any second and when Ron try to do the same spell again harry suggest calling hermonie ( who is also called hemroid and skanks ) after Ron calls her 4 times she comes and says holly bullocks what is that and then they explain the problem and she suggests to tell someone and harry grabs his wand and kills her and says that there not good at magic and Ron says yeah well maybe we should have payed more attention in our classes instead of going on adventures in every movie and harry says cant argue with that Ron cant argue with that


Harry - Forrestfire101

Ron - Forrestfire101

Professor Flitwick (non-speaking role)

Michael Gambon (mentioned)

Hermione - Forrestfire101