Lego Batman - Robin's Babysitter was released on April 25, 2009

Plot Edit

     Batman is typing on the batcomputer when the Batsignal goes off, and it shows that the Joker has exscaped. Robin comes in ready to fight when Batman tells him he can't come, and that he has to stay in Batcave with a babystitter (Which is the Joker in drag). Robin wants to play a game, so Joker suggests a game he invented called Show Me Batman's Secret Identity. The rules were that Robin had to take him upstairs and when Joker finds out Batman's secret identity then Robin will win a giant Lolipop. Robin doesn't want that so in Anger, Joker asks if he wants a handjob, Robin applies he doesn't know. So the Joker says "Ok, listen to me you little piece of sh*t, if you don't show me the upstairs area, Then I'll rip your f**king heart out. You got that." Robin runs away crying, being the crybaby he is, and when the Joker tries to calm him down, Robin slaps him and he falls down knocking off his wig. Robin realizes he the Joker and he threatens to snitch, but Joker kicks him to the other side of the room, whips out a knife and charges him. Robin kicks him to the other side of the room and announces that he will not get away with his plan. Then Batman comes and sees Robin beating his babysitter, grounds Robin, & asks the Joker if he's ok then asks him to come back the next friday.

Cast Edit

Actor Character
ForrestFire101 Batman, & Robin
Keshen8 Joker a.k.a. Miss Cur
Unknown The Wickets leader a.k.a The Urge Bruce Gayne

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