Lego Batman - Death the Halls was part of the 2011 Christmas spectacular in which the Joker kills Santa Claus because of his refusal to give him a death machine for Christmas,Joker was caught by Batman and Robin when he attempted to escape.

Video Edit

The scene opens up inside Santa's cabin in the north pole. Joker is argueing with Santa because Santa won't give him a death machine. Joker states that he's been mostly good all year and Santa points out he made kids watch as he drowned puppys and Joker says, "Well thats better than last year when I fead the puppys to them". Santa says no again and starts to walk away. Joker calls Santa a fat fuck and the arguement resumes. After Santa's final "NO", Joker begins stabbing him again and again until theres nothing left but Santa's guts  and blood. Then Batman and Robin enter in the room. Robin says, "First the Easter Bunny now this ,your a monster!!" Then Joker tries to escape through the window but finds himself trapped in the Tumbler. Then Robin tells Batman "But Batman, what about Christmas? With Santa dead who will deliver all the presents". Then Batman says thats it's up to them. He then tells Robin that there is presents to deliver.  Robin says "Awesome! Really?" Then Batman says, "Now fuck off, you little weaseal".