The Lego Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman Movie, usually shortened to TLBS&SM, is a ForrestFireFilm video featuring The second appearance of the new version of superman


It all starts when batman and spider man are having a chat on the sofa when Alfredd comes in and says superman is here and then superman comes out of nowhere and says hello my good chums long time no x ray vision and then when spiderman asks why hes here a conversation comes on

Superman: well actually i have a bit of bad news you see i got fire at my job at the daily planet

Bruce: oh you mean that paper i wipe my ass with?

Superman then says that he got fired due to the internet then spider man says he wont get fired at the daily bugle but his boss on the phone says hes fired also cause of the internet so with no jobs superman says if only We knew a multimillionaire with plenty of spare rooms and crime fighting equipment then they see batman's gone and watching TV and they ask if they live with him for a while but he says hes has robin and the robin comes in and says hey batman whats up oh i didn't know we had quests can i show them my paper towel collection then superman burns his head with is laser beam eyes and batman says "Looks like i'm staring at my new roommates."

In Joker's lair, Joker orders a pizza to the Batcave and after the call he says "lets see Batman get out of this one." Then Harley Quinn comes in and says they have visitors and Joker says "Shut up! Your voice sounds like a dying cow! Now go make me a sandwich you fattie!" Then she runs away crying. then two men come in and ask if they can talk and joker gets scared and thinks there from the IRS and then the other one says that superman and spider man are in town visiting batman and then says he is lex luthor and the other says and i am Norman Osborn aka the green goblin and joker says right and then he says he's insane and then joker accepts but only if they schedule Harley for plastic surgery

Back in the batcave batman tells them about there new rooms and then Superman says lex is in town and he must stop him and spiderman says sure but we should eat something first the last thing i ate was Mary Jane....s cooking Mary Janes cooking then when and they go and batman wishes he had superpowers so he toke the tumbler

In Jabus diner ( where the food is almost as bad as the service ) Superman goes to the toilet after eating and then batman asks if spider man can pay and he says hell be waiting in the car Then a big noise is heard in the bathroom

Batman: hey superman you think you can help me out with the bill?

superman; oh well ah

Batman: you ate five entrees in a row then six deserts ( another noise is heard ) superman?

Lady: heres youre bill sir ( batman then sighs )

In jokers lair joker tries to convince Harley to accept the plastic surgery Then lex and green goblin ask if hes ready but joker says he didn't come up with a complicated plan yet then batman comes out of nowhere and attack luthor then he says alright you b%#ches time to die... again then lex says don't worry joker there are 3 of us and only 1 of him but batman says he has two superheros on my side but they are nowhere to be seen they are at the movies watching twilight and as they leave batman comes up and says ( covered with blood and scratches ) what the h%#l you f%#king a%#holes and then he asks whee they were and they say they were shopping and superman says he pawned his bat mobile for money and thought he could buy another one And batman's mouth is wide open ( meaning he cant )

The next day batman is getting a book called How to kill a superhero for dummies then spider man and superman come up to apologize by telling him they donated 1,000,000 dollars to charity in his name He then asks how they got a million dollars and spider man says oh we found you're debt card lying around here somewhere so we he then asks how they got into his safe superman then reminded him they have superpowers and spider man whispers superman shut up Then batman leaves

Spider man: does this mean we own the bat cave now?

Bruce: Sure. Whatever!

Superman: what about Alfred do we keep him to?

Bruce: Fuck you!

They then thinks that's a yes and call him and say they own him but Alfred says slavery illegal so superman says if you try to leave well kill you and then he says there having a party

During the Party superman is flying around And when he lands he throws up and spider man is grossed out then a guy comes in and says hes looking for a Mr batman and they says they own the place then he tells them all the money in their account has been stolen and spider man says you gotta be s%#ting me then after he leaves Spider man informs them the Jonas brother arn't preforming tonight then they all leave Superman and spider man then decide to kill batman

In the villains hideout batman is revealed to have joined to villains but only to kill Superman and Spider man

Joker: but batman you murdered like 10 guards stealing the kryptonite from that museum

Batman; well that was for the greater good because you know sacrifices they have to be made in order to uh

Joker: right

Batman then reveals that after he kills them Hell protect there cities including Gotham and everyone will consider him the best hero in the world joker then compliments his evil laugh then after he says hes was practicing spider-man says the only thing you'll be practicing is jail-in what that dosent make any sense Superman then starts a monologue about kryptonite then Luthor tells joker to grab it When joker is about to grab it superman comes in and slams him against the wall the lex wearing a bulletproof vestshoots at him the batman attack spider man and then they roll outside And all the bullets bounce off and one blows off goblins arm Meanwhile batman is still fighting with spider-man outside and after going through a pizzarea They then stare at each other and then Batman umps over spidey, and rips his spine out killing him Back in the hideout goblin is rolling in a pile of his own blood while lex is still shooting at Superman then uses a chainsaw but superman turns around and luthor injures jokers arm then green goblin get up with a handgun and tries to shoot him and but Accidentally shoots lexs head then superman flies and literately crushes the goblin Then joker gets a gun and says i always get the last laugh But instead of firing a bullet it fires a flag that says bang which aggravates joker Then superman grabs him, flies to the sky, and goes to a plane then joker says aw crap and is thrown in the turbine

After that superman says another job well but is pushed by batman who shoots him but is unharmed batman thought silver bullets Killed him but they really kill where wolves then he asks if a kryptonite bullet will work The he says well i don't know im not as werewolf expert batman then he is shot in the head with a kryptonite bullet and batman says i meant on you dumb-ass Robin then comes with a burned ace and says the doctors fixed him up then batman yells oh my god zombie!

After the credits Harley comes in afterr the surgery and ask where everyone went.

When Superman and Spiderman find Batman watching TV, the quote "Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?" is heard.

Joker calls a pizza company and asks them to deliver ten cheese pizzas to the Batcave, a common prank.

Joker thinks Lex Luthor and Norman Osborne are from the IRS.

Joker has a picture of the Ceasar Romero Joker, from the 60's Batman TV series.

Batman tells the villains that "it's time to die... again!" referencing the fact that the villains die in almost every video.

Spiderman and Superman are watching Twilight: New Moon.

Phil Phillips is in the theater.

How to Kill a Superhero For Dummies is a parody of the For Dummies series.

During the party, Kit Fisto and the Emperor are arguing, referencing the fact that the Emperor killed Fisto in Star Wars Episode 3.

Aang, Batgirl, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Harry Potter, Henry Jones Sr., Short Round, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, and Mr. Krabs can be seen at the party.

The Jonas Brothers were going to perform at the party.

Superman is upset that every boss battle he is in has kryptonite, which is (allegedly) extremely rare.

Batman ripping Spiderman's spine out is a reference to Nightwing's Return, when he rips Joker's heart out.

Batman thought silver bullets killed Superman, instead of werewolves.

Batman thinking Robin is a zombie and killing him is a reference to a Halloween video he did, which is now in his vault video.

This officially the longest video ever made by Forrestfire101, running 14 minutes and 26 seconds.


Batman/Robin/Superman Forrest fire 101

Joker/Alfred/Spider-man keshan 8

Lex luthor/Harley/Waitres The four monkeys

green goblin/announcer/Parkers boss mcgoiter

Party guy Blobstudios

Business guy Zachmc