Batman and Robin were playing "Wii Sports" on the Wii when Alfred came in and told Batman to turn on the TV. Batman turned it on the news and realized that the Riddler, Xerxes, and a knight have teamed up and are on a massive killing spree. Batman and Robin hopped in the Batmobile and drove off to the crime scene. When they arrived, Robin said, "Stop, evil doers!" Then Riddler shot Robin. Batman pulled out his gun and the three crooks took off in their car while Batman got himself and Robin in his vehicle and drove off. A few hours later, Robin was in a bed, recovering. Batman came and told him that when Alfred checked his wound, all he found was a rubber-bullet. An alarm went off and Batman realized where the Riddler is. Robin said he didn't want to go, and Batman started saying insulting things before he left. He arrived at the Riddler's lair and was captured. Meanwhile, in Sparta during 480 B.C., King Leonidas was sitting on his throne, complaining about Persians. Two Persians showed up, but Leonidas killed them. Then Leonidas vanished rapidly. During 1195 A.D., some guards entered a prison cell and were murdered by an assassin. The assassin then vanished as well. Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Alfred asked Robin if they wanted to play "Monopolly", "Clue", or just a game of cards. Robin kept saying no. Alfred suggested they should play hide-and-seek. Robin reluctantly agreed and told Alfred to count to 900,763. Robin walked into his room when Alfred started counting. Robin turned on the TV and realized Batman was captured. Then Leonidas and Azzbionere appeared out of nowhere. They introduced themselves and agreed to help find Batman and rescue him. Leonidas only agreed to help if there were Persians to kill. Then they left to save the Dark Knight. When they reached the Riddler's base, Leonidas and Xerxes had a little talk before fighting. Azzbionere killed the evil knight and he and Riddler started shooting at each other. Xerxes shot Leonidas, but the Spartan king recovered quickly and killed Xerxes. He also killed Riddler. Robin asked Batman if he was glad he saved him and Batman's reply was, "Robin, you didn't do shit".