Karen was Batman's girlfriend in the episode "Lego Batman - Robin Gets Jealous" where Robin gets jealous of her and Batman's relationship, subsequently trying to kill her at every turn.

Main ApperanceEdit

Karen's only notable apperance, outside of cameos was in the before mentioned episode "Lego Batman - Robin Gets Jealous", where she is announced as Batman's girlfriend, angering a jealous Robin. Robin then tries to kill her by removing a step in a long spiral staircase, but she survived. Then, Robin tried to electrocute her with a malfunctioning electrical trap, which ended up backfiring and injuring Robin instead. Then, Robin took to more drastic measures by assaulting wielding a chainsaw, but missed, instead cutting the chair Karen was sitting in while reading a book. Then, Robin chased her outside when Karen managed to plant a stealth kick in Robin's "birdie balls". She then fled in her car (Two-Face's car for some reason), and Batman saved her and killed Robin, then walking away in the sunset.