Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones

Vital statistics
Title Indiana Jones
Real Name Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones Jr.
Alias(es) Dr. Jones, Professor Jones, Indiana Jones
Powers and Abilites {{{powers}}}
Equipment Wipe, pistol
Alignment Good
Relationships Batman (Friend, Partner)
Marion Ravenwood (Wife)
Mutt Williams (Enemy, son, sidekick)
Portrayed by ForrestFire101

Indiana Jones is a character from Lucas Films and from many of Forrest Fire Films videos.

Real Name Edit

Henry Walton 'Indiana' Jones


Like Batman, he is homophobic and has a deeper hatred for his son Mutt than Batman does for Robin, (because Mutt is more annoying). In The Lego Batman and Indaina Jones 3 Movie mutt says at burger king that it is the best thing he's eaten beacuse indaina jones feeds him road kill. He kicks out Short Round in Short Round Gets Replaced, but he appeares to be his sidekick in some later videos.

Portrayers Edit