Hal Jordan, more known by his alter-ego Green Lantern, is a very popular DC Comics superhero and a important member of the Justice League. He is portrayed by Mason Howerton.


Green Lantern seems to be generally friendly, although can be pushed over the edge if his beliefs are contradicted, as shown in his murder of Santa Clause because his opinion was proven faulty.


Hal Jordan has dark brown slicked-back hair along with a green domino mask with blue eyes, cheekbones and a frowning mouth. His main costume is green with the logo of the Green Lantern Corps, white lines, dark green details and a muscle pattern. His arms also have some dark green printing, and dark green unprinted legs. It was designed by Christo.


  • Hal is a strong atheist, finding the very concept of Christmas to be offensive, even going as far as to destroy the Christmas Tree present in the Justice League headquarters during a Christmas party.
  • Just like in the comics, his weakness is the color yellow. Due to this, he always has to stay hydrated.
  • He killed Santa Claus and then himself in The ForrestFire Christmas Spectacular 3rd Annual



  • Mason Howerton

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