Gotham City is the city where batman lives and protects. It is also the location of most of Forrest's lego video's


Gotham consists of three large islands and multiple smaller ones. One of the smaller islands is Arkham Island which is the home for all the insane criminals in the city. Arkham Asylum has constant breakouts meaning that most of the inmates are not held there for very long. On the south island is the town hall, Police station, Hospital and Wayne Tower, making the south island one of the most important islands in all of Gotham. On the north island there is both Wayne Manor and the Batcave. There is also the Gotham funland where the Joker usually hides and plans his next move after escaping from Arkham. The central island has the Power station, Ace chemicals building (where Joker got his white skin, yellow teeth and green hair from), Gotham Park and Gotham Zoo.