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Forrest Whaley/ForrestFire101 (born May 23, 1994) is a 23 year old American stop-motion film director from St Louis, Missouri. He was the #1 on the most subscribed Lego Animator on YouTube, until a very long break from uploading videos. Now he is currently the second most subscribed Lego Animator, #1 being Michael Hickox Films, who has passed 1,000,000 Subscribers. Whaley is still known as the best Lego Animator of today.


Forrest began his YouTube career in May 2007, and posted his first stop motion video "Spider Vs. Sand", with Spider-Man action figures in a Lego environment. He created Forrestfire1001 for vlogs, behind the scenes and commentaries. As of August 2013 his two channels have a little less than half a million subscribers. Forrest lived in LA during the majority of 2012 With his best friend Mason Howerton to work on his videos full time but moved back to St Louis, Missouri after stating that he "Didn't really like it there"[1]. Forrest's most popular video is "The Duck Song" which he uploaded on March 23rd 2009 and currently has over 150 million views on youtube as of September 2013[2]. Forrest is one of the most popular Brickfilmers on YouTube with over 900,000 Subscribers.

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