The following are the policys for this wiki(If you have any disagreements state them in the talk page.)

What is NOT allowed

  1. No Vandalism: Vandalism is strictly prohibited and vandals will be blocked indefinitely when the first vandalism has happened. However, every blocked user will have the right to edit their talk pages in order to clear the air or apologise for the vandalism. 
  2. No Harassing/Trolling: No user on this wiki should ever have to feel intimidated or threatened. That means obscene pictures, hateful pages/blog posts about users and slander is a one way ticket out of here!
  3. No Stalking: No user should ever have the feeling of being unjustly followed. Even if the stalking started on another Wiki page, the minute an admin gets wind of possible stalking of a user, the accused user will be blocked as we research the accusations. Should an accusation prove faulty, the accusator will get blocked for one month and reprimanded.
  4. No Sockpuppets: Some people create sockpuppets in an attempt to get back in to the wiki after being blocked, for harassing/bullying purposes, furthering arguments or what ever motive a sockpuppeteer will have. However, if a legitimate user has lost his/her account, forgot the password or is harassed under that name, they may contact an admin to explain the situation and reasoning behind a new account.
  5. No Obscene/Disturbing Images: As anybody can access any wiki page, it is very important to consider the effect of images containing excessive violence, nudity or other potentially offensive subject matters. Any obscene images will immediately be deleted by an admin.
  6. No Random/Unrelated Images: This wiki is on a specific subject matter, because of that, unrelated images carrying no relation to the site will be deleted by an admin. However, using a unrelated image on one's user page to perhaps demonstrate their interests is allowed.