Craig's Sleepover EP. 6 is a ForrestFire Film. It was released December 11, 2009.

Plot Edit

Forrest and Jake are playing Modern Warfare 2, when Craig joins their, and invades their sleepover. Forrest makes him a deal  that if Craig leaves them alone for a month, he could sleepover with them. Then he breaks out his Disney Princess sleeping bag, and Craig asks them to snuggle with him in it. Forrest and Jake go to their room and sleep, and 5 hours later, Craig takes Forrest's camera and for 15 minutes, he tapes himself drawing on their faces. In the end Craig states that he is keeping Forrest's camera.

Trivia Edit

  • Jabu was cut out of the movie for some odd reason

Cast Edit

Actor Charecter
ForrestFire101 Forrest
DrunkenMonkey2 Jake
Hoser76 Craig