Craig's Nightmare EP. 3 is the 3rd Craig video. it was released on August 30, 2009

Plot Edit

     Forrest and Jake are watching The Simpsons when Craig comes in and forces them to listen to a dream he had

     In the dream jake comes in Craig room gats on top him and takes off his shirt

     So to prevent Jake's "gay" to rub off on him, he makes him wears a hazmat suit, that he calls a "Gay Visor" (a parody of the Cyclops visor). While Jake is slowely losing his breath Forrest is telling Craig that you cant catch gay, and that Craig is the only one there thats gay and he needs to accept it, but Craig doesn't understand Forrest. Jake passes out and Forrest asks him why he didn't put air holes in the suit and Craig says "gays" don't need oxygen and that poking holes would defeat its purpose. Forrest said he needs to go to the hospital, and Craig agrees to do that after he masterbaits on Jakes bed, which Jake catches him doing at the end of the video.

Cast Edit

Actor Charecter
ForrestFire101 Forrest
Hoser76 Craig
DrunkenMonkey2 Jake