Craig's Girlfriend EP. 2 was the 2nd Craig videos. It was released on July 30, 2009

Plot Edit

Forrest, Jake, and Jabu are playing ROCK BAND, and they are close to 100%ing a song when Craig accidently disconects the power cord. They get mad at him, but he says jsut goes on to bragging about his girlfriend. Jake asks him isn't he gay, but Craig call him gay so Jake storms out.Then Craig calls in and starts making out with his girlfriend, which all but Craig knows is a guy, and they trie to tell him but he takes it as disrespect, but he forgives them and tells Jabu to put a poro in the DVD player, but he wont do it so he tells his "girlfriend" to. Although when it comes on it turns out to be gay porn. Forrest & Jabu are disgusted, but Craig and his "girlfriend" have no problem. Then Craig rubs her down her leg and feels a penis, and writes in disgust and called her a whore. She ran out the room and Forrest and Jabu start laughing. Jake pops his head in the room and asks why a "tranny" is running trough his house and Forrest say that Craigs "girlfriend". A while later Forrset points out that that was mort likely Craigs brother.

Cast Edit

Actor Character
ForrestFire101 Forrest
Hoser76 Craig
DrunkenMonkey2 Jake, Craig's girlfriend
111Zorack Jabu