Craig's Christmas EP. 7 was released on December 24, 2009

Plot Edit

     Forrest is walking down his hallway, when he hears someone tyying to open his door. On the other side, its Craig picking the lock. When Craig finally gets in, Forrest's hopes of a good Christmas just shatter. Forrest tells Craig he can not stay there. Craig tells his mom, but his mom says he can't go back home with her. Forrest excepts the fact that Craig is sleeping over again. Forrest grudgingly lets Craig stay. A while later, Forrest and Craig are playing Jenga, when Craig loses, and gets pissed off. Then Forrest and Craig are playing Wii Play Fishing and Craig tries to cheat, then when he reads an instruction for a protective sleeve, Craig puts a condom on the Wii Remote. Then in the middle of the night, Craig starts shooting Forrest with a nerf gun, trying to wake him up. Hours later, Forrest is drinking Hot cocoawhen Craig comes in and and throws his present for Forrest at him. When Forrest opens it he pulls out a rag covered in bloos. Craig said it WAS a puppy. The video ends with Craig asking Forrest what he got him.

Cast Edit

Actor Charecter
ForrestFire101 Forrest
HOSER76 Craig