James 'Jim' Gordon is the Police Commissioner of Gotham City and one of Batman's few acquantinces. Their friendship seems to be well off, although he has gotten mad at Batman for almost giving him heart attacks before. Gordon also may be one of the few people Batman has a bit of respect for. He had a wife who died, but that was disregarded by Gordon.

Personality Edit

The Commissioner is most likely in his 40s and seems to have many health problems. He is one of Batman's only supporters, although he has gotten upset at him for frightening him.


For some reason, Gordon almost seems to look radically different between episodes. In his earliest appereances he had orange hair, Superman's face and no mustashe. In later episodes he has the same head as Phil Phillips. He either wears a dark green or black suit.

Portrayed byEdit

  • ForrestFire101, in the early episodes when there was no other voice actors.
  • SecretAgentBob