Batman and Robin were captured by the Penguin. Robin was tied upi and the Penguin was pointing his gun at him. Batman was standing a few feet away with guards pointing their guns at him. Penguin aked if Batman had any last words. Batman said, "Yeah. You're a short pussy." Penguin told his men to kill Batman. But before they could, 1 guard was impaled by an arrow that was fired ihis chest. The same thing happened to the other guard. The Penguin was then shot by arrows and was killed. A man was standing next to Robin and said, "Talio!" Batman asked who they were. The man that was standing next to Robin said, "I'm Robin Hood. And these are my faithful comrads: Basil and Jeff." Basil said, "Hello." Jeff said, "Hey." Robin said, "Is it just me, or are those guys f*cked up?"

Batman asked Robin Hood how long he was staying in town. Robin Hood said that he, Basil and Jeff would love to stay in Gotham for a little while longer, but they didn't have a place to stay. Batman tried to say that they could stay in the Batcave, but was interrupted by Robin, who was at the computer. He said, "There's a motel down the road." Batman told Robin to shut up. He said to the 3 guests, "You guys can stay here." Robin said that they only had 1 guest bedroom. Batman said, "Then that's not a problem

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