Robin woke up and saw 2 guards with guns. He also saw Harry Potter and realized that he captured him, Batgirl and Batman. Robin said, "Let us go!" Harry told a guard to load Batgirl in a truck. A guard asked about Batman and Robin. Robin yelled out, "It"s Robin the Freebird!!" Harry Potter told Robin that his name didn't matter since the fact that he would be dead in a few hours. Batman asked Harry where he was taking Batgirl. Harry said, Since you are going to die, I will tell you my whole plan: We're putting her in a truck to go to a hotel. And she will stay there until my jet is prepared. At this point, you 2 will already be dead. We will fly over to Denver, Colorado, to a skyscraper and wiould go to the highest floor. Then I will cast a loving-passion spell on her, and once it has hit the news, I will assassanate her and broadcast it all over the world. Robin said that it would be too much for just to kill 1 person. Harry said, "She broke my heart." Then he told his men to load Batman and Robin in a truck. Robin the Freebird and Batman have been loaded into a truck like Batgirl. They are headed to a desert where they will be executed and left to be eaten by buzzards. While this is happening, Batgirl is being transported to a skyscraper in Denver, Colorado.

Meanwhile in the desert, the truck that had Batman and Robin inside was still driving. Robin apologized to Batman for getting jealous of him and Batgirl and said that if it weren't for him, none of them would die. Batman said that it wasn't all Robin's fault and said that he shouldn't have been a jerk to him. The guard in front of them asked Batman and Robin if they were gay. Both Batman and Robin said no. Robin killed the guard and threw ghim overboard. Batman and Robin fell off the truck. The truck turned around and stopped. 2 guards came out with weapons. Robin killed 1 guard and Batman attacked the other one, injuring his arm. When Batman wasn't looking, the guard picked up his gun and shot Batman in the chest. Batman fell back. Robin killed the guard. Robin went over to Batman and knelt beside him. Robin told him that he was gonna take him to a hospital. Batman said that his time was up and that Robin would have to save Batgirl alone. Batman died in Robin's arms. Robin cried for 1 second and then said, "Shit. Alfred." He left Batman and went to the Batcave. There he found Alfred lying on the floor, dead. Robin went outside and found a guy in a racecar. Robin pulled him out after the racecar stopped. He then killed the driver (because he can) and stole his racecar. He saw the truck that had Batgirl in it. A guard shot a gun at the racecar and caused it to explode. Robin fell out. He found a lady riding a motorcycle of some kind. She fell off but Robin caught her. Robin then stole the motorcycle and went to the airport. When he just arrived, the plane that had Batgirl in it took off. Robin said, "Damn." King Leonidas had his own plane and told Robin to get in. Robin was flying the plane after he got on. Leonidas was standing behind one of the wings. Robin told Leonidas to be on the look-out for a jet. Leonidas said he didn't see anything. Then there was a loud crash.

Robin woke up and found himself in a bed. Leonidas asked Robin if he was ready to go kill that "fagget-ass wizard" and save his bitch. Robin told Leonidas to wait a second. He walked in a room and came out a while later with fancy clothes on. He also had 2 guns in his hands. He said, "Now I can kick some ass." Leonidas and Robin were at the skyscraper in Denver, Colorado where Batgirl was located. Leonidas and Robin went in and started killing Harry's soldiers (which were actually Potter's friends). Robin had his 2 guns and Leonidas had his shield and sword. Robin even killed Draco Malfoy (who didn't even like Potter). At 1 point a guy called Leonidas a bitch and shot him. Robin killed the guy. He kept killing more of Harry's friends as he went higher and higher. When Robin got to the highest floor, everyone of Harry's friends were dead. Robin went in a room and saw Harry sitting in a chair and Batgirl in the air, floating in it high above the city ground. Robin tried to convince Harry not to do it and have a talk. Harry said, "There is nothing to talk about." Robin tried to save Batgirl, but failed thanks to Harry's wand. Harry used a killing curse and used in on Batgirl. Batgirl fell from the air and landed on a building, dead. Harry got off his chair and planned to kill Robin. He used magic to erase his weapons (which 1 of them was Leonidas' sword). Robin got up, snatched Harry's wand away from his hand, and broke it in half. He stabbed Harry with 1 of the halfs of the wand and pushed him off the cliff. Potter was falling and screaming until he landed on the same bulding where Batgirl landed on. Leonidas appeared next to Robin. Robin was thrilled to see Leonidas alive. He asked Leonidas what he wanted to do next. Leonidas said he wanted to kick some ass. Robin got over Batgirl and relized she wasn't his type and all she ever did was cause trouble. Now he hangs out with King Leonidas. Batman was saved by Cuc Scouts and is in a recovery center. Robin sat down and complained to King Leonidas that they've been searching for Xerxes for days and maybe he was already dead. Leonidas said, "Shut the hell up. There's nothing better to do." Robin said he could think of a few things. Leonidas said, "Fuck you."


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