Batman and Robin were dancing to Mamamia. At 1 point, Batman saw Riddler and Harley Quinn standing in front of him. Batman told Robin to turn on something cool. Robin went to the computer and turned on a song, but it wasn't cool. Batman repeated what he said. Robin turned on another lame song. Then Batman said, "Okay, just turn the damn thing off." Robin did, saying, "Fine, Batman. But that's some quality music. Batman told Robin to hurry and get into "attack mode". Robin and Batman held a batarang in each of their hands and were about to throw it at the villains. Riddler said that he and Harley didn't want to hurt him. Batman asked why they were in the Batcave. Harley said that the Joker found out about her and the Riddlers secret love for each other and wants to castrate the Riddler. Batman said he didn't care. Riddler then said that he told the Joker that they were coming to the Batcave. Batman told them to wait where they were while he and Robin would go kill the Joker. Batman got in the front seat of the Batmobile while Robin got in the opening seat at the back of the Batmobile. They took off.

Meanwhile, at Joker's house, Joker was listening to a love song when Batman came in busting down the door. Robin attacked the Joker. Joker asked Batman what he and Robin were doing. Batman told him that they were about to kill him. Robin threw a batarang at the back of the Joker's head, killing him. Batman told Robin good job and Robin said thanks.

Back at the Batcave, Riddler announced that he and Harlery were going to have a party since Batman and Robin were gone. Alfred yelled out, "Hell yeah!!!!" He then fell on the floor. He crawled over to the door and opened it. Tons of guests came in. Alfred went to the computer and turned on "Yeah", which was a song created by the band Usher. Harley took off her hat and threw it across the room. The guests were dacing, talking, and smoking. The guests included Spider-Man, King Leonidas, Harry Potter, Edward Cullen and a bunch of other people.

Meanwhile, Batman and Robin were heading home, riding in the Batmobile. At 1 point, Batman ran over a horse.

Back at the Batcave, the song "Yeah" was still playing. Alfred was dancing while wearing Harley Quinn's hat. Harry Potter went up to a girl and told her he had a huge magic wand. The girl punched him in the face, knocking him down. Harry went over to a wall and sat in front of it. King Leonidas came up and said, "Gosh, such a dumbass. Watch how it's done." Leonidas went over to the girl and asked her if she wanted to know what "Leonidas" means. The girl asked what it meant, and Leonidas said that it meant he had a big dick. He then asked her if she wanted to suck on it. The girl said "sure" and sucked on his dick.

Batman and Robin arrived home. The got out of the Batmobile. Batman, "That was awesome. I just hit a freaking horse. I mean, who does that?" Robin said, "That wasn't awesome, Batman. It was mean." Batman called him a fagget and asked him why Batgirl liked him so much. Robin said, "Maybe because she wants me to be her boyfriend, Batman." Batman said that the only reason she liked him was because Robin was gay. Robin says that it didn't even make sense. Batman says it does because girls like faggets. Batman opened the door and found the party guests dancing, doing inappropriate stuff, smoking and talking. Batman accused the Riddler for having a party without him. He also accused the Riddler for inviting Edward Cullen. He also blamed Alfred because he didn't tell him. Alfred tried to explain, but before he could finish, Batman shot him with a gun. He then killed Edward. He then said to everyone, "Okay. Now all of you little biches are gonna die." He told Robin to turn on a cool song. Robin went to the computer and actually turned on a cool song. Batman killed everyone in the room with a machette and a gun except for Robin and Leonidas. He then shot Harley Quinn. He was about to kill the Riddler but got beat up by him. Batman pushed him away and killed him with the machette after he said, "Riddle this, bitch." He and Robin were talking about that nobody should even date Harley Quinn. Harley got up, but then Batman killed her. Leonidas got up, wondering what happened.

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