1: LEGO Batman: The Robin- Spider-Man kills Robin. 2: The LEGO Batman, Spider-Man and Chewbacca Movie- Doctor Octopus kills Robin and Chewbacca kills Doc Ock. 3: The LEGO Batman, Spider-Man and Superman Movie- Green Goblin accidently kills Lex Luthor, Superman kills Joker and Green Goblin, and Batman kills Superman and Robin. 4: LEGO Batman: The Villains- Dr. Octopus kills Robin and Batman kills Heath Ledger Joker, Jack Nicholson Joker, Evil Monkey, Stewie Griffin, a skeleton, SpongeBob Squarepants, Bane, Riddler, Batman's ex-girlfriend, Karen, Darth Vader, Patrick Star, Kit Fisto, Two-Face, Mr. Krabs, a guy on a skateboard and Dr. Octopus. 5: Batma

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