Captain America is a famous Marvel Comics superhero who has also been famously portrayed byChris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He first appeared in the video Lego Captain America

Captain America

in which he successfully stopped an enemy operation, murdering every single person at the location.

Personality Edit

Captain America is a suprisingly ruthless combatant. He is known to incorporate long distance combat with his custom-made metal shield. Captain America is also a highly skilled acrobat and marksman. His next appearence was in Lego Avengers, sporting a brand-new costume and has joined a team along with Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye called the Avengers.

Appearance Edit

First CostumeEdit

In Lego Captain America he was clad in blue-colored modified military garb with a helmet with a white 'A', straps for the helmet and a domino mask. He had a shield on his back, as well as a white star on his chest. He also had a strap and a military belt to hold his equipment.

Current CostumeEdit

In his appearences following the first video, the Captain had exchanged his rugged, militaristic clothing to a sleeker, cleaner design. This design features a full mask with holes for his eyes and mouth, as well as red and white stripes on his abdomen.


Captain America with Iron Man and Thor

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