Arthur Curry, more known by his alter-ego Aquaman, is a famous DC Comics superhero and a well-known member of the Justice League.



Aquaman seems to be very oblivious of his environments, not taking notice to the obvious taunts given to him by just about everyone. Also, the fact that he completely depends on water to do anything does not seem to have reached him. Aquaman also seems to completely overestimate his own power level. 


Aquaman has a long, blonde hairpiece, a serious face, a scaly orange torso, green gloves, a golden belt and green pants. He is also known to carry a golden trident as a weapon.


  • Aquaman is one of the most underestimated superheroes in all time. The ForrestFire101 incarnation plays upon that, however in the official comics, Aquaman is in reality exceptionally powerful and has even defeated the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman.
  • Aquaman is the King of Atlantis, has a wife named Mera and a son, Arthur Curry, jr.

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