Alfred Pennyworth is a fictional character of the Batman franchise and in many of ForrestFireFilm's Lego Batman videos

Full Name Edit

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth

Other Alias: OldMan

Personality Edit

He is Batman and Robin's personel butler. He is kind of lazy, but gives very good advice. He also has arthritis, and has been fired and even killed on several occasions.

Portrayers Edit

List of deaths

Is shot by the Villains in human sheild

Is accidently run over by the batmobile in batman and spiderman movie 1

Is seen killed in meting with the comissioner

Is accidently hit by the tumbler in the riddler returns

Is shot in the face by robin in nightwings return

Is shot by the jokers in jokers team up

falls from a high platform in batz attack